Airport Security and Laptops- reporting back

by Anya Clowers, RN on September 1, 2008

Photo of bag designs that provide clear X-ray images

This past week and again yesterday I was able to witness the impact of the new laptop rules in airport security.  Pictured above are the approved bags that laptops are allowed to remain inside as they make their way through the x-ray machine. 

Last week in San Jose, this was wonderful. The sleeve style pouch eliminated one step since I didn’t have to remove the laptop from the sleeve before placing it in the bin. I simply pulled the sleeve out of the backpack and put it in the bin. And we all know that less time focused on my bags means more time focusing on my son and the process of removing shoes and liquids.

However, yesterday when I flew, I forgot that I had placed my iphone USB cord inside the bag when I was packing up… SO – the conveyor belt stopped… went forward and backward and after some frowns from the TSA agent, my computer finally emerged outside of the case.  The agent walked over and told me that because there was a cord inside, they had to remove the computer from the sleeve. 

So my time-saving step actually backfired yesterday – the delay and the frowns… cost me some time.  Then I had to put the laptop back inside the sleeve and back inside the backpack.

Lesson learned –
overall, I am happy that this new rule allows me to skip the unzip….

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