Cold & Flu Season: Booger Battles

Dried, green, and stubborn. All too many parents are familiar with the never-ending runny nose and inevitable dried booger that is schmeered across cute little moving-target cheeks. You work feverishly to clean your child’s face before the wiggling takes over or the fussing wins.

Now try tackling this same battle in-flight with an audience and a quiet cabin.
No child likes having their nose wiped – and do you blame them? It can hurt when nasal passages are dried and crusty and can be annoying when the little nose is running continuously with no end in sight.

Over 200 viruses cause the common cold- and 62 million Americans are sick with the cold every year (“Immune System Kick-Started In Moist Nasal Lining in Sinusitis, Asthma and Colds” Johns Hopkins Medicine April 29, 2008). (

With the approaching cold and flu season, chances are your little one will be exposed to the sniffles. Be prepared to fight the booger – pack Boogie Wipes! These saline wipes take the advice of pediatricians to treat runny noses with saline (usually in the form of drops or sprays) and applies it in a child friendly mode. Invented by moms who were sick of the battle of the boogers, Boogie Wipes have been a complete success, probably because almost every parent can relate to the dried crusty remnant pasted on hands and faces.

When traveling, Boogie Wipes come in handy for prevention of colds as well. Recognize that the environments you are in while traveling make it easy for germs to thrive. We all know that airplane cabins are dry with very low humidity. In an article entitled, “Does Winter Cause the Flu?” ( Anice Lowen, researcher at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine states, “Cold dry air going over your nasal mucosa gets cracks in our airways and that allows virus to get in more easily.”

Ever wonder why humidifiers are recommended to keep nasal passages moist? Colds spread when viruses find a home in the nasal passage. It’s much easier for them to find a home in dry nasal passages (remember how that booger stuck?). Winter months make the dry, indoor air the perfect climate for viruses to take root. Use Boogie Wipes to keep nasal passages moist.

The saline in Boogie Wipes helps keep nasal passages moist when flying (good for adults and children). Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe contribute as gentle moisturizers in this hypoallergenic, alcohol-free wipe.

Boogie Wipes are available in original fresh scent and now grape scent. The wipes come in packs of 30 or 10 individual wrapped wipes (Boogies on the Run).boogie-wipes-grape.gif
Feedback is that kids love the grape smell – more incentive to allow mom in for the wipe!

Congratulations to Mindee and Julie for a much-appreciated invention!

Jet with Kids readers are able to get a 20% discount on Boogie Wipes by entering the two words Boogie Time as a coupon code when checking out. Wipe away!

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