Drink Mix for Travel: Emergen-C for Kids

Planning to buy your kids some juice for the flight? Asking the flight attendant for soda or juice in-flight? Now what if I asked you if I could bring a bag of sugar and put teaspoons of sugar into your child’s mouth…. would you allow me to do so? And then strap the child into a seat in an enclosed, quiet airplane cabin? What if I wanted to feed them 7 teaspoons of sugar in water instead? Would you be comfortable with your child drinking 7 teaspoons of sugar? How about if I added some preservatives and fake coloring to the sugar water – is that better? Unfortunately, a small bottle of juice contains about 25-30grams of sugar.
4 grams = 1 teaspoon, so about 6-7 teaspoons for a 16 ounce bottle of juice.

What are the alternatives? When my son first started drinking juice, I diluted it A LOT. He didn’t know any different! AND I saved a lot of money. He thought it was absolutely normal to pour a small amount of juice in a cup and add lots of water. Guess what? Now at 4 years old, HE does it. And if someone offers him straight juice, he doesn’t like it!

There are some great alternatives available instead of offering the sugary juice and soda when flying with kids. Ask a flight attendant how they stay healthy when daily exposed to international germs. Most likely, they will tell you about an immune booster that helps them fight illness. Many prefer Emergen-C. The fizzy drink mix packets are produced without preservatives, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. They include only natural flavors and real fruit juice powders. Containing Vitamin B and C, zinc, and 32 Mineral Complexes, these little energy boosts support a healthy immune system. Plus they taste good!  Emergen-C is available in over 15 flavors and formulas: Raspberry, Super Orange, Cranberry, Mixed Berry Joint Health, Black Cherry Heart Health, and Ruby Lemon Honey, to name a few.

I have been using Emergen-C for a while, but just last month Alacer Corp. introduced a brand new product made especially for kids! Not only do these packets turn healthy plain water into an even healthier beverage, they were created by consulting the experts – kids! Alacer recognized that if they wanted to make a product kids love, they should involve kids. Kids were involved at each step of the development of Emergen-C Kidz; from naming, taste – even packaging! Over 100 kids across the nation participated by selecting their favorite flavors. The final packaging incorporates design elements from each winner.

Emergen-C for kids

A fun variety of flavors (Orange Pineapple Explosion, Strawnanaberry Blast and Cherry Yumberry) plus the fact that the ingredients fizz when added to water makes Emergen-C Kidz a natural choice for kids. Parents will love the fact that 24 essential nutrients with choline and 500 mg of Vitamin C make up this Complete Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral Supplement. Emergen-C Kidz is great for traveling. Small, thin packets fit easily into the carry-on, provide entertainment as they are mixed with a bottle of water, and taste good without all the sugar! (Only about 1 teaspoon per packet versus the 7 in juice and soda!)

What do all of those vitamins and minerals do? Vitamin C, beta carotene, Vitamin E, zinc, and iron are powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients that will help kids stay healthy- super important when exposed to international germs! Calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus help to build strong bones and teeth. Choline supports healthy brain function (smart kids!)

Does something this good taste good too? I put it to the test – my son tested out the 3 varieties. He loved watching the packets fizz inside the bottle, and he really liked all 3 flavors.

Although the directions are to add the packet to 4-6 ounces of water, I actually had my son drink a bit of water out of a 16-ounce water bottle, then added the contents of Emergen-C Kidz. Once again – diluted and fine with him. Drinking water is so important for passengers of all ages to combat the dehydrating effects of flying. It also is important in everyday life to fuel our body. Every cell depends on that hydration – and thirst is a late sign that the body is dehydrated.

So next time you pick up a juice box or soda, (and yes diet soda contains awful things that definitely do not help children!) think about the alternatives you have. Costing between 36 – 50 cents per packet, this is a significant savings over buying a bottle of sugar – I mean - juice at the airport. As parents we will feel good about what our children are drinking when adding Emergen-C to a bottle of water. What will your sugary juice or soda do for your kids? Something to think about…

Congratulations Alacer Corp.! jwkapproved_medium5.jpg

Emergen-C has been Jet With Kids Approved! as a valuable resource for traveling families!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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