Infant Travel: TSA (Airport Security)

 Infant Travel: TSA (Airport Security)

With airport security and TSA regulations constantly changing, it really is in your best interest to review the day before your scheduled flights the latest rules and regulations at Confirm that all contents in your carry on bags are approved to take through airport security and on board the airplane.

TSA states that juice, breastmilk, and formula can be taken in larger quantities than 3 ounces and do not need to be in the quart sized ziploc bag for those passengers traveling with a baby or toddler.

However, you do need to declare the liquid medicine, breastmilk, or juice that you plan to take on board as it will be inspected. (This just means that you need to remove it from your bags and notify the agents that you are traveling with a young child and with the TSA approved liquid.) Carrying this extra liquid may mean extra screening, but in my experience if you have it out and notify them, it usually saves you time and any further screening.

TSA states on their website:

“Medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.”

I have found that if I am bringing anything like playdoh (less than 3 oz.), baby food, liquid medicine, empty sippy cups, etc.) in other words – anything that COULD be questioned, it is best to take it out and declare it before it becomes an issue.

I also put all of these things in a gallon ziploc bag so that it is quick and easy to take out at security.

DO NOT argue with security. Instead be prepared with a printout of the policies from the TSA website and record the name and ID of the agent as well as the time of day, airport, and flight if there are any problems so that you can report this later to the appropriate supervisors. Always ask for a supervisor if you feel you are being mistreated.

For complaints:
For compliments:

I can tell you on both occasions (complaint and compliment) my emails/phone calls were promptly answered by concerned and sincere airport security supervisors of the agents mentioned.

It is important to keep children hydrated and fed while flying. Bringing along food and drink is essential and therefore it is important to understand and follow the security regulations regarding these items.

Avoid any delays when going through security by being prepared!

Here is the link to the TSA site regarding beverages for children.

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