Passports With A Purpose 2009

You may remember Passports with a Purpose, the travel blogger’s fundraiser Jet With Kids participated in last year that raised over $7000 to fight against poverty through Heifer International. The $10 raffle ticket allowed readers to qualify for fabulous prizes donated by various organizations and promoted by travel bloggers worldwide!

Want to be included this year?

Passports with a Purpose has dedicated the 2009 charity event to make a difference for the children of Cambodia. By raising only $13,000 and working through the organization American Assistance for Cambodia, ( a new school will be built for a village unable to otherwise afford it. To read a personal story about this experience, read

The Jet With Kids Team is excited to announce our participation in the 2009 Passports with a Purpose!

The two prizes we are featuring provide transportation for the youngest travelers (up to 40 lbs.) while offering back-saving (and trip-enhancing) assistance  for traveling parents and grandparents.

My view on the importance of a reliable carrier and stroller while traveling can be found here.

ERGObaby Carrier:

ERGObaby has generously agreed to donate one fantastic HandsFree System, consisting of:

The ERGObaby Carrier, Backpack, and  Front Pouch!

ergobaby ergobaby backpackergobaby pouch

There are many different patterns and colors to choose from – the ERGObaby carrier fits everyone’s styles and needs. All the ERGObaby items can be used individually, or attached together for truly HandsFree babywearing!

My ERGObaby carrier completely amazed my husband and me when we were able to carry our 35 lb. son around London without back strain OR complaints from the little one!

Maclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren USA has generously agreed to donate a Maclaren Quest Stroller:


My Maclaren Quest stroller has traveled all over the world with us and still is comfortably transporting my 50 lb., 5 year old son around.

A reliable travel stroller is also a necessity when traveling.

More thoughts on that?

So how can you enter into the drawing to win one of these prizes?

Donate just $10 (via paypal) for a ticket supporting those young children in Cambodia to be entered into the drawing for these and many more fabulous prizes!

Donations are already being accepted and tickets can be purchased until December 21. Prize winners will be announced on January 5, 2010.

Donate (and see prize list) here.

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