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Swany Walkin'Bag Maxxum Backpack PlaneComfort
Pillow & Blanket
Trunki Luggage for Kids CARES Harness

Trunki Travel Luggage for Kids
This little rolling carry-on is a multi-function asset. Accompanying us on our trip to Europe, the Trunki held everything our son needed for flight, was great for him to pull, and was noticeably light when slung over my shoulder. It even fit under the airplane seat when turned on its side.

But what is so special about the Trunki? Kids can ride on it!

As we all know, those little legs get tired when walking through the airport. The Trunki doubles as "in airport transportation" for kids.

The Trunki has a handle on top for those times when you have to grab and go. It also has a pocket inside as well as straps to secure items inside. My son uses the attached key to lock and unlock his own suitcase (prevents unexpected openings).

I was pleasantly surprised at the durability of the Trunki. My son received lots of smiles from passing adults and envious looks from other kids who wanted one for themselves!

On our cruise ship, the Trunki became a source of entertainment. The long carpeted hallways were a great "road" for the Trunki to travel on -providing endless entertainment for a toddler.

The Trunki rides smooth and fast - sometimes too fast! Adult supervision is definitely required to keep little ones on track.

A few words of caution about using the Trunki:

The wheels do not allow quick turns. In airports and cruise ship inner hallways, this is not an issue. However, keep this in mind to avoid tipping over your little one if pulling him/her around corners!

I allowed my son only to use the Trunki in wide open areas so he did not get lost in the crowd or run into other people.

Save Trunki for travel and use at the destination. Kids are more likely to get excited about something if it is not available on a daily basis.

Swany Walkin'Bag 20" Pocketbag Jet With Kids Top Pick

The Swany Walkin'Bag may appear to be a product only for those who have a physical ailment or are elderly. I reviewed the product for my senior seminars on this last flight with my son and my 3 month old nephew.

I was very surprised to discover that it was a bonus for me to be traveling with the Swany 20" Pocketbag suitcase. Rolling smoothly along, I barely had to touch this bag to get it to move.

With 4 wheels and a solidly built base, this suitcase practically walked itself! Invented by a polio survivor who found dragging a piece of luggage to be difficult - this bag offers rolling pleasure to travelers of all ages!

I can see how this bag would be wonderful if you suffered from a bad knee or hip or even a bad shoulder. Advertised to be 1/6th easier to roll than a regular bag which is "dragged" along, the contoured handle allows one to use it as a cane and lean heavily on it. Approved for up to 300lbs. of down force on the handle, this bag is like having an assistant along who guides you and is there for you to lean on!

The bag can easily be turned on it's side for those times that rolling bags are not wanted (like when storing the bag on the shuttle bus storage area and the driver takes the corners wildy)

It also is approved for use as a chair when needed! Up to 200lbs.

This bag has deep insides and utilizes normally wasted space by providing zippered mesh pockets in the hollows opposite the handle grooves inside the bag.

Both bags are well made. So after my actual flight review, I have chosen to place both bags on my site for those traveling with special needs, mature age, physical ailments, as well as with kids. Basically if you want a bag that feels like a travel companion instead of a heavy brick you drag along- try the Swany Walkin Bag!


Luggage for Kids
My toddler has a small rolling suitcase that is the perfect size for him to roll through the airport. I put it away until we are flying so that it is special to him. Allowing small children to participate with the luggage process keeps them involved, gives them a sense of responsibility and keeps their toys in one place.


Sammies Dinky 18 Upright Luggage for Kids
Set of elastic cross ribbons in main compartment to keep clothes in place. Reflective 3M Scotchlite logo, new lockable zipper pullers that offer better grip for tiny fingers, and screen printed address tag on the inside of the product. Formed top carry handle that is comfortable in the hand and inline skate wheels. Telescoping handle can be hidden away in a zippered compartment when not in use. Velcro closing pocket on the back. Hand washable. Available in penguin, tiger, ladybug, and turtle patterns.
Skyway Kids Gear 19" Vertical Suitcase
Constructed of ultra durable water and tear resistant Polyester and a variety of fabrics. These fabrics have been designed to provide high durability and long lasting beauty. Rolling pieces feature an In-Line Skate Wheel System designed for smooth operation and long life.
22" Eagle Creek Hovercraft Upright
With the reduced weight of a rolling duffel and the organizational features of a suitcase, Hovercraft gives you the best of both worlds. The 22" Rolling Upright Bag has a spacious main compartment and plenty of pockets. Easy roll wheels and ergonomic handles let you zip through airports, and the bag expands for 15% more packing space when you need it.

Swiss Gear Patriot Bag
This smooth rolling carry on bag looks more business than baby, but the 4 large pockets allow the business traveler to carry a laptop and baby's supplies for carry on.

The largest compartment stores needed items such as the first aid kit, an extra pair of clothes, and diapers and wipes, while the middle compartment holds a laptop (with a separate removable laptop bag included).

The front large pocket is great for storing medical records, books, and toys and the front smaller pocket will keep all travel documentation in order as well as miscellaneous items.

The extra long handle which extends to your desired length folds away into another zippered compartment, and the bag fits nicely into the overhead compartment. For smaller planes, remove the laptop bag to make the bag smaller.

I have found that this bag is nice by itself for shorter flights and a great combination to the Maxxum backpack for those longer flights where more supplies are needed.

My son has even enjoyed taking a ride on the bag and has also found it as a convenient dryer for his suit after a swim!

Dad Gear Backpack
A unique wipes holder allows you to put a full package of the large plastic wipes so you can easily pull out wipe after wipe with just one hand - and every parent knows that you just can never pack too many wipes. The diaper hammock holds a day's supply of diapers and keeps them easy to find. Additionally, the large main compartment has a clamshell opening so everything inside is easy to find.


Maxxum Backpack
This sturdy stand alone backpack made by Swiss Gear (the makers of the Swiss Army Knife) has 4 major pockets and a total of 13 pockets, a great variety of places to store the necessities for flight.

I travel with a laptop as well as a toddler, and this bag allows me to protect my computer as well as carry diapers, toys, food and drink on board. The padded shoulder straps are amazing for comfort and the small pocket at the top allows me to quickly reach my cell phone, wallet, and "surprise" toy if needed.

Since my camera is in action on all flights and airports, the side pocket is great for easy access. There is also a place for headphones of iPods/iTunes/MP3 players so that the electronic item can be stored safely inside the bag, with the convenience of the headphone outlet for listening.

What also attracted me to this bag was the open pocket on the front, which I place our ziplock bags for security and the small essential pack used when we first sit down on the plane.
Victorinox 22" Wheeled Backpack
Patented, fully rotating, 360 degree Response swivel grip automatically swings and locks into a natural holding position providing maximum ergonomic advantage for unmatched handling and stability over uneven surfaces. Flame-laminated, die-cut shoulder straps, lumbar support belt and hip padding are contoured to conform to the wearer's body; shoulder and lumbar straps zip-away when wheeled handle system is in use. Straps and support belt efficiently transfer the pack's weight to the hips and reduce stress on wearer's back.

Spacious main compartment features two removable pouches (one leakproof and the other breathable mesh) great for storing toiletries and separating wet/dry items. Daypack features tuck-away, padded shoulder straps with moisturewicking mesh lining, front organizational pocket, spacious main compartment with audio pocket, hydration/audio port and dual mesh water bottle pockets.
Diaper Bags
Go GaGa Messenger Bag
Looking for a bag that gives your back a break? This bag has a patented ergonomic strap, distributing the weight of the bag across your back. 2 deep side pockets are fully insulated. Main compartment includes adjustable divider to compartmentalize belongings. Included accessories: cushioned changing pad and a shoulder pad with a cell phone pocket.
Go GaGa Gondola Bag
Like the Go GaGa messenger bag, this bag has a patented ergonomic strap, distributing the weight of the bag across your back. 2 deep side pockets are fulling insulated. Stylish and practical, this bag has room to carry everyday items for a day-trip on your vacation itinerary, or pack it as a diaper back and carry-on for those essentials you'll need on the plane.
Baggino Combination Diaper Bag-N-Belt
This stylish messenger bag has a practical side. It converts into a hands-free changing belt! Great for travelers: use in airports, restaurants, or any public place you need easy access to diapers and wipes, and don't want to set your diaper bag down to pick up germs.

Check out Baggino's site for bag features and instructions for converting from bag to belt.

Dad Gear Diaper Vest
This wearable diaper bag is the hottest innovation in parenting gear since the diaper bag itself. Dad Gear's revolutionary twist on the traditional diaper bag sets the standard for our "hands free" line. Combining comfort and style, you can change, feed, and entertain your child with ease and no one will be able to tell you are wearing your diaper bag. They have strategically placed pockets for all of the baby-care essentials that a diaper bag would hold. The Vest is constructed with high quality materials for ultimate durability and longevity. Available in Deep Orange or Coal Black. Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Dad Gear Cargo Jacket
The DadGear Cargo Jacket(TM) is the long-sleeved brother of the DadGear Diaper Vest(TM). Dad Gear's revolutionary twist on the traditional diaper bag sets the standard for their "hands free" line. Combining comfort and style, you can change, feed, and entertain your child with ease and no one will be able to tell you are wearing your diaper bag. They have strategically placed pockets for all of the baby-care essentials that a diaper bag would hold. The jacket is constructed with high quality materials for ultimate durability and longevity.
Dad Gear Messenger Bag
This rugged bag sets the new standard for Dad diaper bags by not looking like one. It is designed after the classic style messenger bag and incorporates Dad Gear's "hands free" approach which allows you to change, feed, and entertain your child without ever having to set the bag down. This bag has a removable front panel which allows for easy cleaning and interchangeability of additional panels (sold separately).
Shoulder Bags
Happy Traveler Family Gear Bag
I have used the Happy Traveler Family Gear Bag as my carry-on and loved the separate and spacious compartments. In fact, a TSA Agent once commented on it, saying he liked it and all the compartments made his job easier. He then finished by saying that a "mom must have designed it!"
Rick Steves Avanti Flight Bag
The Avanti Flight Bag is a great example of Rick Steves's forward-thinking design. It is the perfect under-the-seat bag for everything you want within easy reach during your flight, including your laptop. Their configuration makes them ideal overnight bags. The Avanti Flight Bag is easy to carry aboard; it even slides over the handle of your rolling bag. The Avanti series bags are tough enough for the most frequent flier, yet are very light. The Flight Bag weighs in at only 1.5 lbs.
The Cruising Caddy™
This compact travel tote slings over your shoulder and is great for holding water bottles (even comes with a cooler sleeve), maps, sunscreen, and a snack for day trips.
Luggage Scales
Design Go Digital Luggage Scale
Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale
Pack Smart & Avoid Overweight Luggage Fees at the Airport
  • Lift luggage with scale- wait for beep- read measurement on digital display
  • Weighs in pounds or kilograms
  • Weighs up to 100 pounds
  • Compact and only 10oz. allows you to bring it with you and assist you on your way back
  • Requires two AAA batteries
  • Avoid having to redistribute belongings at check in counter
  • Avoid excess weight surcharges